Horse riding Sean part 1

On Thursday 9th June, half of our class were so elated to go to Stepney bank stables. Dissapiontedly,when we got there we were early by 1 hour; luckily, not to worry we went to a grassy field. While we were there, we played the word association game. People were very competitive; it was up to the last two – me and Miss Sweeney – until I said periodic table and that led to metal… I lost shamefully rolling down the grassy hill. After a what seemed 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 nanoseconds we had to stroll back into Stepney bank stables. Once we entered, we covered ourselves with boots and helmets. Our first session was grooming the horses BORING! but was quite fun to ask all the questions we had. Ooh now the next session riding the horse I was so excited I got a pony called Mr Ed he was the shortest because I was the shortest. If I must say my pony had a wee and after that we trotted.

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My Initial Horse Riding Experience

On Thursday 9th of June 2016, some of the fortunate year five (16 people) got the once in a life time experience to go… horse riding! This occurs on a weekly basis so we will do this regularly until year 6. At first I was reluctant to go to Stepney Bank Stables because horses can obviously inflict fatal damage! Honestly,I wanted the first group to go, however Lady Luck was not on my side (at the time I thought it was a calamity)so I was first.

At Lunch, Miss Sweeney assembled everyone going so we embarked on our strenuous journey! Thankfully, it only took about 6mins! When we arrived, we were instructed to put on boots and a helmet (safety first😎).Then we were separated into two groups I was in the group that cleaned the stables first (I hate to admit but it stank of poo).There was all sorts of different brushes to massage the ponies/horses!

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Horse Riding

On Thursday 9th of June, some of our class went horse-riding. My Horse was called Willow. This was a really exciting trip. It was a really exciting experience. My favourite part was riding the ponies. I was really excited. On the other hand, we came an hour early. Firstly, we had to clean the horses. But you have to be careful. Make sure you’re sensible or you’ll get hurt. When we had to wait we played a game.


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Intrigueingly.after beating Armenia 3-0(in the last qualifier)their current results aren’t so top notch  compared to the qualifier!Hopefully they can commence making the comeback of dreams even though this is there first appearance in a tournament like this one!Did you know Albania reached their first major finals with second place in group one?

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Do you want to know about Albania UEFA 2016 EUROS?


Do you want to know about the football team Albania? The Head Coach is called Gianni De Biasi.  Did you know that Lorik Cana had the most caps? 


Etrit Berisha (Goalkeeper)

Alban Hoxha (Goalkeeper)

Orges Shehi (Goalkeeper)

Mergin Mavraj (Centre-Back)

Arlind Ajeti (Centre-Back)

Taulant Xhaka (Defensive-Midfielder)

An interesting fact is that one of the Albania players has a brother, who plays for Switzerland. Taulant Xhaka has a brother signing for Arsenal. In Group A Albania lost their first match 1-0 to Switzerland. Albania played quite well. There’s some players to watch  but the main one is Cana. Albania’s team captain is Cana.

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Today, at 2:00pm, Albania is going to be 27 degrees. Did you know that, Albania  is a tiny bit hotter than our country?  When it is a very hot day, the Albanian football team will get very hot from running around. 

The Capital city:

The Capital city of Albania is called Tirana. Tirana is near a city called Paskuquan.




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Have you ever wondered where Albania is?

Albania location

  • Did you know Albania is a Republic on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe? Albania is a great country, but it can be cold sometimes. The capital city of Albania is Tirana.
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Albania fact file

The capital of Albania is Tirana.
The current population of Albania is approximately 2,903,700.

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Albanian football kit?⚽️

Interestingly, Albanian  football kits are a red and black.The tops are a bright, blood red and their shorts are dark like the sky at night. Did you know the Albanian football kit can be a variety of colours like red, white and grey? The Albanian football team has two kits a home kit and an away kit. Amazingly, the Albanian away kit has long sleeve tops that keep you warm while travelling.

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Albania food

The salad in Albania is dressed with salt, olive oil, vinegar and juice.Albanians mostly eat meat, such as spicy beef and they like it not too hot, not too cold. The most common meats they eat are: turkey, patties with minced beef, delicious meat balls and also some other things.

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