Horse riding Diary

on Thursday 9th June 2016 half (16) of year 5SW went horse riding at Stepney Bank Stables. When we got there we were an hour late so we went to the closest field next to Ouseburn farm to waste time until 1:30 when the session started. Firstly, when the session started we got on our boots that they supplied us with and we got fitted for helmets that they also supplied. When it really started we got split in half so it would have been 8 in each group – the first group that I was in got to ride a horse I rode Bea a lovely black horse and I was led by Kate Beas’ leader. Once we were finished we switched so me and my half got to do grooming while the other group did horse riding. I got to groom Hurbry a beautiful chestnut colour.

On Thursday 24th June 2016 chosen people got to go back to Stepney Bank Stables  but this time we went in got our helmet and boots on then we got split in groups there was: the blue group, the red group and the rainbow group and of course I was in the rainbow group. The horse my group got put with was Chester a lovely chestnut colour  he was led by a woman called Amy. In this session we had different stations to do my group started leading our partner to a chosen part of the horse’s body. But my favourite station had to be jumping a hurdle with Chester we did a running start to jump over the hurdle.



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  1. 17glory says:

    Well done Kirsten you need a capital letter at the start of your sentence

  2. 17emma says:

    Good reply Glory and good Kirsten

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