Story teller day

After break at 11:15 we met a man called Gary who is a storyteller. He asked us all sorts of questions for the story. Gary asked us what are you learning about in you topic lesson? It was about South America. Me and my class told him all about South America. After that, we based our story on Brazil. He told this story about a girl called Chanamyu. She also lived in a village and a house called a Malaku. Chanamyu went off into the tropical forest; she got lost. She couldn’t find a way back home. She spoke to a bird.

“Oh please just help me I don’t have a way back home,” begging the bird. 

“Oh why should we help you, you are the sort of person who would try kill us birds, I think you are arrogant!” Observed the bird. And the bird flew away. So Chanamyu started to cry. There were spider monkeys climbing on each branch. The spider monkey invited Chanamyu to the Chief party.

“Who has come to my party without being invited?” Asked the chief.

“It was me,” the spider monkey replied

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