Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory


One winters day in 1972 there was an 11 year old boy, me (Augustus Gloop), I was wandering  the streets of Germany. I crunched my wellies down into the thick, powdery snow beneath my feet, as I gazed through the shop window. ATTENTION shouted the speakers; there is only one golden ticket remaining! If only I could afford one more Wonka bar, but  I had spent it on my bedridden, poor,elderly grandparents, who I live with in an old abandoned barn. Out of the corner of my eye, a gold, shiny pound coin was lying in front of my eyes. Slowly, I carefully picked up the pound and barged into the shop, ” One Wonka fudge mellow delight please,” I eagerly said holding out the pound coin. Curious if I had the golden ticket, delicately I started opening the foil but there was nothing there. Quickly, I turned it over and there it was the last golden ticket shining in my eyes. As fast as lightning, I ran home told my family and read it out  loud; it said congratulations  you have found the golden ticket I shake you warmly by the hand and I look forward to seeing you.

Build up:

The big day waiting outside  the gigantic gates outside of the chocolate factory. An hour later, Mr Willy Wonka came outside to let me and my mam and other children and their parents come in. As I entered the factory, I looked around and saw the furniture and decor was made out of chocolate. One thing I did not like about being there was that all of the other winners make fun of me because I am German.

Problem: as we were walking through the inventing room, Veruca salt, who was one of the golden ticket winners, tried a going to be gum called blueberry decker as well as the pop rocks gum (literally); hair curling berry gum; nail painting nerds and peanut butter gum. As she ate the gum, she started turning blue and the size of a hot air balloon. Holding my breath, she started rolling after me.


As quickly as I could, I ran all around the inventing room trying to find my way out. All of a sudden, MikeTV, who is selfish, appears and pushes Veruca, ” Get off me!” Shouted Veruca. As I looked through all of the sweets: whizzing farie; hissing dust and the leg twisting twizzlers. ” That was the one!” I squeeled. I picked up the magical looking twizzlers handled them to Veruca and slowly she started to uninflate. Many moments later everyone else came in “What on earth has happens here,” shocked said Mr Willy Wonka.


Before we left, Mr Willy Wonka rewarded me with a lifetime job inventing new sweets. Just then, Violet- who is the richest child I know -turned around and exclaimed that she set everything up. In the end they all became best friends and I invented some awesome sweets: sour apple whiz; sweet blood and hot (really hot ) tamales.


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