Levi And The Luxurious Chocolate factory(CHAPTER 1)

Levi,who has crimson red eyes,is the main protagonist of the Luxurious chocolate factory.Shockingly,he is a very rich boy and doesn’t bother to do anything either than train to become a supreme swordsman.Surprisingly, this twelve year old boy has broken ALL child records for kendo(Kendo is a Japanese wooden sword fight sport) accomplishments  All over the world!!You’re already surprised but he was famous for something else,he became a knight at 10!Thus holding the record of “smallest knight”.Swiftly moving on,this ORDINARY child fancied some chocolate.So in response to his belly he sent his trained butler to find chocolate for him.As they arrived,he found out he was a golden ticket winner,because of his laziness he chucked it out of the window.Suddenly,the wind somehow blew it back.As the ticket arrived he decided to read it,not knowing that it was a good opportunity for him.The ticket explained “I warmly shake you by the hand  but for now I invite you to tour my deluxe,luxurious chocolate factory for one whole day”Reluctantly,Levi,who indeed has no parents,called Sebastian his head butler to drive him there…

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