Charlie and the chocolate factory review

So far in chapter 1 we have found out that Charlie is a poor only child who lives in a microscopic town in a miniature hutch. He lives with his grandparents called: Joe, Joesphine, George and Georgina and they are all bedridden and tired. He also lives with his mam and dad in a 1 and a half bedroom house, it is 1 and a half because the half room is the size of a box. The elderly grandparents have the bed in the full size room in a king size bed and they both sleep on either side. His dad is the only one with a job, his job is to screw on toothpaste tube lids. He works at the toothpaste factory and his mam stays at home and takes care of the grandparents. Every day they eat bread with margarine for breakfast, for lunch they have cabbage and for supper they have cabbage soup but Sundays are their favourite day because they get second helpings. This is because they can’t afford a lot. Charlie’s favourite time of year is his birthday because he gets a Wonka chocolate bar. Therefore, he savours it and only lets his self ¬†look at it (bite by bite) he slowly starts taking little nibbles of the chocolate.

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