Charlie and the chocolate factory (Chapter 1)

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a book that tells the story of Charlie bucket a poor, humble boy who lives with his parents and his grandparents while barely having any money. Charlie’s grandparents are bedridden meaning they are stuck in bed and Charlie’s mum and dad have to sleep on matresses while the grandparents have to sleep all in one big bed. Charlie’s family don’t and can’t really afford food, but Charlie looks forward to Sundays because they would have boiled potatoes and cabbage with cabbage soup. Every once a year Charlie gets a chocolate bar for his birthday because all of his family save up to get him a chocolate bar because he always loved chocolate.Charlie was always tortured by kids who ate chocolate in front of him, but what he loved better than chocolate was going to Mr Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, where all his dreams of being inside a chocolate factory came true. He would always walk past it while going to school so he could gaze and smell through the chocolate and sweets.

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