Determined to reach his home town, Jack sat back, relaxed and switched the TV on… Suddenly, Jack’s face appeared on the news report in front of his ‘mother’ and ‘father’. Trying to hold his anger, Jack contrived a plan. Quickly, Jack got two of the cushions and hit the gooey figure (cushions affect aliens greatly). Struggling to steer the space craft, Jack anxiously took control of the mysterious space craft. Swiftly, he adjusted the space craft.

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5 Responses to Invasion

  1. 17natasha says:

    Well done promise you have used ed clauses.

    (T) use adjectives.

  2. 17promise says:

    Thanks very much.I will work on the adjectives

  3. 17lewis says:

    Nice work of ed Clause

    (T) build suspens

  4. 17lewis says:

    Nice work of ed Clause

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